SURALIS. Conversion Kit.



In Germany, Austria and Italy, health insurance companies have already covered the costs, provided that there is a clear medical indication.

Submit a request to and then a staff member will contact you. You will be introduced to the system step by step.

Please contact the Saphenus team directly.

For most prosthetic restorations, the sentient prosthesis can be fitted. Talk to your medical supply store or submit an inquiry.

Suralis is an add-on and can be adapted to a wide range of prostheses. It is applicable to both lower leg and transfemoral amputation sufferers.

The Suralis system is suitable for people with transtibial and transfemoral amputations.

Suralis is highly customized to meet your individual needs. There are several ways to adapt the system, the primary goal is to adapt Suralis without changing the prosthetic restoration.

Yes, contact your medical supply store. The system can be tested for 30 days in consultation with your prosthetist.

A patented sensor sock records the rolling motion during walking and transmits this information to a set of vibrotactile actuators that are applied to the affected person’s residual limb. In this way, the user receives regular sensory transmission of the information from the prosthetic foot when walking.

The sensor sock as part of Suralis comes in different sizes and can be put over conventional foot cosmetics. Thus, Suralis can be used with shoes as they are accustomed.

Suralis is approved as a medical product in Europe and is available in most European countries. Make a contact request.

They can and should use the Suralis system in everyday life and gain more mobility. In various everyday situations, Suralis helps you to integrate the prosthesis even more closely into the body image. Be it on rough terrain, climbing stairs or when it comes to reactivating your previously accustomed dance moves.

Saphenus’ research and development departments also work with research institutions on upper extremity feedback systems.

Suralis is an approved medical device.

TECHNICAL QUESTIONS - Sensory feedback system

The system must be calibrated by a service technician or orthopedic technician on site before it is switched on for the first time.

By means of a simple on/off button the system is switched on and activated.

In the exercise mode, the specifics of the actuators are perceived and can be adapted. The active mode is the standard mode, here the sensory feedback system is typically used!

The system has 2 modes. A continuous exercise mode and an active mode for using the sensory feedback system in everyday life. Pressing the button on the Suralis control unit three times switches between the 2 modes.

The vibration can be adjusted by a service technician or orthopedic technician.

It is best to charge Suralis every night before going to bed.

The system is splash-proof.

In the current version, the system is still equipped without an app; in the future, a cell phone APP for control is planned.

Vibrotactile motors are motors that generate vibrations and non-invasively transmit sensory information to the skin.


Numerous scientific studies have shown that vibration therapy to which Suralis belongs reduces phantom limb pain.

Contact your medical supply store or Saphenus directly to determine in what way you are eligible for Suralis.

The system can also be used without pain. Suralis increases gait stability and safety when walking. Try it out!


No surgery is required for the sentient prosthesis. The system is adjusted non-invasively, in most cases even without changing the prosthetic restoration.

Due to the current situation and the avoidance of face-to-face contact, the initial interview will be conducted digitally via video consultation.

If you are interested, contact Saphenus.
It may be possible to determine your eligibility for vibration therapy in advance of elective amputations.

Please contact Saphenus or ask your prosthetist to contact Saphenus.